ADRC of Racine County, Wisconsin

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Aging and Disability Resource Center?

A: The Aging and Disability Resource Center is a single entry point for information and assistance on issues affecting older people, people with disabilities, or their families. This center is a welcoming and convenient place to get information, advice, and access to a wide variety of services. As a clearinghouse of information about long-term care they will also be available to physicians, or other professionals who work with older people or people with disabilities. Services are being provided through the use of the telephone, at the ADRC offices, or in visits to an individual’s home.

Q: Who should call?

A: Any Racine County resident who has a need or concern in relation to a disability or aging issue can call. Anyone who would like to access public funding for long term care should also call. As a person's needs change, questions arise surrounding terminology, services and options a person has to keep that person as independent as possible. The ADRC can help with answering these questions

Q: Does it cost anything to use the ADRC?

A: Services and Programs offered by the ADRC are free. Some educational offerings may have a small fee to cover the cost of materials only.

Q: What is the role of the Benefit Specialist?

A: Benefit Specialists help to alleviate confusion surrounding benefits such as social security, Medicaid, and Medicare. They explain how to apply for various types of benefits, can assist with the application process in certain circumstances, and can act as an advocate on your behalf. Visit our Benefits Specialist page.

Q: What is Options Counseling at the ADRC?

A: Options counseling sessions focus on identifying needs, preferences and resources, ensuring that individuals have the information they need to make decisions on their long term needs.

Q: Is there any help for Caregivers?

A: Take better care of your friend/family member by learning how to take care of yourself. Increase your knowledge, learn new skills and gain emotional support. Join one of our support groups where people can come together to gain valuable information, share feelings and concerns, get encouragement and make new friends and contacts. Visit our caregiver support page.

Q: Does the ADRC have funding or money available to help me?

A: The ADRC does not have money available, however, we would be able to assist in potentially connecting you to public programs that a person may be qualified for.

Q: Can I get paid to be for taking care of my loved one?

A: If your loved one has Medicaid, a home care agency could determine if they qualify for home care services. At times, a home care agency may hire a family member/friend to provide the home care services. Home care agencies require background checks and training among other criteria for hiring.

Q: Does the ADRC have volunteer opportunities?

A: The ADRC has several volunteer opportunities throughout the year based on individual needs and preferences. Opportunities include drivers for Meals on Wheels, helpers who check in on caregivers and volunteer guardians.