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Benefits Specialists

At the ADRC we have two Benefits Specialists on staff. Our Benefits Specialists are available to disabled persons ages 18 to 59, and those over the age of 60 to appeal Social Security decisions and navigate the complex systems of public and private health insurance.

Disability Benefit Specialist Brochure (Ages 18-59)  

Elderly Benefit Specialist Brochure (Ages 60+)

The Red Tape Cutters: Elder Benefit Specialists (State Brochure)

There are numerous programs such as Medicaid Purchase Plan (MAPP), Medicare Part A, B, C, and D, and Senior Care that can be overwhelming and our Benefits Specialists are available by appointment to assist in these matters. If you require this type of assistance please visit our contact page. If you are unsure if this is the person that can potentially assist you, our Information and Assistance Specialists will be able to connect you with the appropriate resource.


General Benefit Information

Equitable Relief:  Medicare and the Marketplace 

Your Medicare Card

What is Badger Care Plus

FoodShare Priority Service Screening Change in ACCESS

Applicants who apply for FoodShare online using are brought to a page titled “Getting Faster Service for FoodShare.” This page asks screening questions to determine if the applicant is eligible for priority service processing for FoodShare benefits. Applicants who qualify for priority service will have their applications processed more quickly, and they may be eligible to receive expedited FoodShare benefits within seven days of the filing date if they meet certain income, asset, or other financial requirements. Beginning on April 22, 2017, applicants will see slight changes on this page.

With the changes, if the applicant leaves any of the monthly income, assets, or housing and utility expenses fields blank, a banner message will remind the applicant to enter information for those fields. If the applicant’s income, assets, and housing expenses are $0, the applicant must enter “0” to be considered for priority service. If any of the fields are ultimately left blank, the applicant will not be eligible for priority service.

If an applicant leaves the fields blank and, therefore, is not eligible for priority service when applying, the applicant may still be eligible for expedited FoodShare benefits when the application is processed. If an applicant is discovered to be eligible for expedited benefits, he or she is required to receive benefits within seven days of when the new information is reported, not the filling date.


Legal Action of Wisconsin and Wisconsin Judicare are pleased to announce that we will provide statewide civil legal aid to elder abuse victims through the Elder Rights Project (ERP). The Elder Rights project seeks to Help elder abuse victims in Wisconsin become safe and independent, stabilize their lives, and meet their emotional and physical needs by resolving their critical civil legal problems. Fees and fines imposed on criminals (through the Victims of Crime Act or VOCA) are making these civil legal aid lawyers for elder abuse victims possible. See More

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is a health care reform law that was developed so health insurance will be available for everyone in the United States.  If you are covered under Medicare (Disabled or 65 and older) your insurance coverage does NOT change and you do NOT need to go to the Health Insurance Marketplace for coverage.

YouToons Video Explains Health Insurance -- from the Kaiser Family Foundation

In the 5-minute animated video produced by the Kaiser Family Foundation, Health Insurance Explained – The YouToons Have It Covered, the YouToons break down important insurance concepts, such as premiums, deductibles and provider networks. The video explains how individuals pay for coverage and obtain medical care and prescription drugs when enrolled in various types of health insurance, including HMOs and PPOs. You can request to download a copy to show at in-person events or meetings. 


Benefits Checkup - a Service of the National Council on Aging: There are benefits you may be missing! BenefitsCheckUp helps you find and enroll in public and private benefits programs. You can also find an online application for Medicare's Extra Help. It's simple and free and always includes the most up-to-date information.   They have a new option called Economic Check Up to help older adults to find work, budget their money, and save on daily expenses.



Prescription Drug, Dental and Health Discounts:  

Need assistance with your prescription drug costs?  Check out Racine County's NACo Free Prescription drug discount card at:  For plans that offer discounted dental and Medical services go to:


Medicare: To Your Good Health



Medicare News from Our Benefits Specialists – Click on an article to read.

How to use the Medicare Plan Finder for Part D (Prescription) Plans.  Brochure

The Costs of Medicare Advantage Plans

Extra Help for Part D:  Medicare Part D Low Income Subsidy (LIS)  

Those with incomes under 150% ($1,471.25 monthly for single or $1,991.25 couple) of poverty can apply for the LIS through the Social Security Administration. Available assets must be less than $13,640.00 single and $27,250 couples. Assets do not include the home, car, personal possessions and certain cash values to life insurance policies. Apply on-line by calling your local SSA office.


More Preventive Services are Now Available Through Medicare - Be sure to check your "Medicare and You" publication See information about your annual Wellness Checkup . It's different than you think.


Medicare and Hospitalization  Hosptialization, are you in-patient or out-patient?

Medicare Issue: Self-Administered Drugs While in Observation Status at the Hospital 


Reminder - Medicare Annual Enrollment Period Begins October 15th; Ends December 7th  



Other Benefits and Information:


Energy Assistance Program Information  for the upcoming season


Denied FoodShare or Medicaid benefits? - you can request a Fair Hearing  Access the form here


The Importance of Appeal Rights


The Medicaid Purchase Plan Can Help Disabled Seniors with Medical Costs


The Medicare Savings Program can help pay the cost of your Medicare premium


Prescription Drug Program - Senior Care

Senior Care is a Wisconsin Program for prescription Drugs that is a creditable Part D plan. It can also supplement a Part D plan when you reach the donut hole. You must be 65 or older. Call the ADRC if you have further questions. 


Help With the Cost of Food

People often talk about receiving Food Stamps. In Wisconsin , the name of the program that issues funds for low-income people and families to purchase food is called FoodShare. People receiving this benefit use a Quest card (like a credit card) to make their purchases. The federal government also uses the acronym SNAP for the same program. If possible, please use the FoodShare name when requesting this benefit, or simply ask for help with paying for food.

Wisconsin FoodShare:

Racine County Information:

SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance) program website:


How to Prevent Identity Theft

The Wisconsin Office of Privacy Protection (OPP) provides information to consumers about preventing identity theft. They can also assist people who are victims of identity theft. A variety of information related to that topic is available at the website of the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection (

Some of those tips are summarized here: Identity Theft


Beware of Scams

Foreign Money and other Scams

Here are the top consumer complaints in Wisconsin 

There have been postcards going out to seniors offering information about Medicare. It is a marketing tool for additional insurance, but the concern comes in because they are asking seniors to provide their signature on this card. Be aware of signing anything that is going to a post office box.

For additional resources check out the Senior Medicare Patrol: . The Wisconsin SMPis one of the oldest federally funded “fraud buster” programs in the country. The project is dedicated to stopping healthcare fraud, waste and abuse.

You can also contact:
Kevin Brown, 
SMP Project Coordinator
Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups Elder Law Center
2850 Dairy Drive, Suite 100

Madison WI 53718-6742